Welcome Music Teachers

The homeschooling community is growing exponentially! There are literally millions of us now, all over the US. We are a low-key group, but we are totally dedicated to the education of our children.

We are looking for Music Teachers to join us in giving our children the knowledge and experience needed to excel in the modern world.

Please consider signing up to be part of our search-able database of Music Teachers so that parents near you can find you and hire you. And remember, we have a much more flexible schedule than regular schoolers!

There are big commercial websites out there that supply a similar service to Music Teachers, but they take 20-40% of your earnings, that can be thousands of dollars per year! Our goal is not a financial one but an educational one. We ask less than $20 per year (yes, that's less than a cup of coffee per month) to be in our database! This is to cover our cost (programming, design, hosting and other fees we have to pay to make this service available to you.)

Our database is search-able by location and subject or category (you can enter as many as you like, and if we don't have the right ones listed that you teach, please let us know and we will add it for you).

Please sign up for just $19.95 per year, ($1.66 per month). Note: You will do the payment section first and then you will be sent to the form that you fill out with your credentials and other listing information. Add a photo too!

Please pass this on to anyone you know who can teach music, no matter what instrument and no matter where they are in the US or Canada. (Click the Email icon at bottom left to send this page to a friend.)



Please note: This section is for Individual Music Teachers only.  Please click here to go to the Music Schools Directory.

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Please consider taking a few minutes to help pay for all the programming and server costs. Every little bit helps, especially the $5 - $10 donations!