Welcome Art Facilities!

The homeschooling community is growing exponentially! There are literally millions of us now, all over the US. We are a low-key group, but we are totally dedicated to the education of our children.

Please sign up to be part of our search-able database of Art Facilities so that parents near you can utilise your services. And remember, we have a much more flexible schedule than regular school kids, allowing you to profit during regular school hours!

We are only asking $95 per year to be in our database! Lock in now to this special introductory discount for 5 years!

Our database is search-able by location and art catagory. You can enter as many catagories per listing as you like.

PLEASE NOTE: If you don't find the right art catagories, we will add them for you. Click here to send us a message.

**Coming soon!** Parents will be able to pay you on-line with a credit/debit card and you get the ability to receive payments right into your back account!





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Please consider taking a few minutes to help pay for all the programming and server costs. Every little bit helps, especially the $5 - $10 donations!