Halloween Costume Contest! $100 First Prize!

halloween kidsIt's really easy. Add your Halloween photos and tell everyone you know to come and vote. The photo with the most votes wins!

Anyone can vote for as many pictures they like, but they can only vote once for each photo.

Send your friends the links to your pics or click the Facebook Like button underneath your pic to get the word out.

Name you photos before putting them up so you can easily find them with our search function. But remember, these photos are viewable publicly on the web, so please do not include last names in the titles. Please do not put up more than 5 photos. Winner will be announced November 20, 2012.

You need to be logged in as a registered user of this site to add photos, but no registration is needed to vote. The LOGIN button is top right of the site.

If you have not yet registered with myWorldSchool please Click Here. Please use your real full name when you register so people will know who you are if you request to join one of the many Homeschool Support Groups on this site. (Your name will only be visible to members of these private groups.) Please note that we have to moderate content on this site, so your photos will only be visible to the public when they have been approved.

Also, check out our new "Goods and Services" driectories here. This is a great way for homeschool family businesses to get the word out, and a great way to support each other.

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