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In the Hills Tween/Teen Co-op (Private)

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In the Hills Tween/Teen Co-op
Sunday, 01 July 2012
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In The Hills is a Tween/Teen Cooperative for children ages 10 & up.

At present,  In The Hills is run informally with some general planning groups and parents within the community assuming various roles such as teachers, class facilitators, supervisors, planners, and more. These parents volunteer their time and skills and everyone in the group benefits. In The Hills is completely non-secular – all are welcome.
In The Hills will come together to provide parent volunteers offering high-quality classes for free.

Teachers hired from outside of In the Hills, have their fees  split by the coop members to keep costs as low as possible and continue to teach in our cooperative only if the students like them and choose to sign up for their classes.
Our community of tween/teens will have the opportunity to teach and develop facilitating, coaching and leadership skills.

Our membership is open to all who homeschool regardless of educational philosophy, religion, race, or political beliefs.

In a co-op, parents often gather together to evaluate and share their special skills with one another and the children; each of these skills makes its way into the curriculum to benefit the life skills program for the students. As the parents work together, combining effort and personal skills, the end project is always focused upon the success of the whole unit.

In The Hills also organizes workshops, field trips, events, teen dances and more!!