Starting a new Community Group

If you know a bunch of Homeschoolers who would like to be part of this Community, you can start a Group and invite them to join. Make sure that you know them and feel safe that they will not add inappropriate content to the site, because you will be ultimately responsible for their conduct here.

Adding your existing Group here.

If you have a group set up with Yahoo, Google or any other place, you may set it up here and be able to add content to the site.

You will have the following choices of Group Category:

  1. Inclusive (Groups that welcome any political or religious persuasion)
  2. Classical (Groups that follow clear academic guidelines)
  3. Religious (Groups that follow a specific religion)
  4. Secular (Groups that follow no religion)
  5. Unschooling (Groups that follow the everyday path of life)

Group Type

NOTE: All Groups must be created and kept as PRIVATE.

Click "Start a new Group", fill in the required information about your new Group and submit it.

You will then be contacted and interviewed by a moderator, and once approved you will be able to invite and accept members to your Group.

 You can only be the leader of one Group at the moment. Please contact us if you need to create another.



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