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"Life Happens" they say and isn't it so nice that there are such a lot of lovely things in it to choose from that help us learn and appreciate it! Here is the spot where we come together and "dish" on all the things that we love.

Under the categories on the left, we are creating special places to help the community share this information so we can all find that great hike, inspiring movie, cool swimming hole, fabulous garden, great recipe and the like in your area.  These areas will be search-able geographically so you can find the resources closest to you, but we all need to help each other out...

Please pass on this information to anyone you know who is the kind of person who knows all the greatest and latest (maybe it's you?) and ask them to share!

Please click the email icon (bottom-left of the page) and send to as many people you can. This is a grass roots organization, not a corporation with an advertising budget, and we rely completely on networking to get the word around.

Thank you,
From other families like yourselves...

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