The Letter


My name is Maura Lynn Pritchard and I am the mom in a Connecticut homeschooling family. ome of you may know me from Co ops or play days. I'm writing to ask for 10 minutes of your time to help finish a project that we have been working on with our 14 year old son for the last three years.

A few years back, in the course of our homeschooling, we asked a question: If every homeschooling family in the US took ten minutes to share some bit of their Homeschooling knowledge with everyone else, how much "knowledge sharing time" could we collectively gather in 10 minutes?

The figure blew our minds, and with us being around 3 million strong today,  the answer is nearly 60 years worth of  knowledge collected in just 10 minutes!

We thought that was amazing, so we embarked on what may arguably be the Biggest Homeschool Project Ever.

The project took on a life of it's own as we realized how much great information could be included. So we, my web developer hubby, our son and I (with six year old Lili cheering us on),  built the tool that enables all of this to happen:

It's a fully interactive "gated" Crowdsourced, Homeschooling Directory and Community Portal!

It took three years of epic sacrifice and hard work but we are deliriously happy to tell you that it is ready for your 10 minutes!

  You can also help us by telling every teacher you know to put their pin on our tutors map so our parents can find them - we want everybody in on this!...The more there are the cooler it gets! Let's all make this dream become a reality!

If you teach yourself, or know any teachers who would like to have their own pin in our really cool maps please go here!

Also, if you want to make a few extra bucks in your travels we have an Affiliate Program you might want to check out here!

Thank you so much in advance for your help!

Maura Lynn

P.S. That's our son in the video with the lions and with holding the world- It's hard to believe he's grown 2 feet since we started all this -we've all grown in so many ways!

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If you can...

Please consider taking a few minutes to help pay for all the programming and server costs. Every little bit helps, especially the $5 - $10 donations!