Thanks for reading the letter!

Welcome to myWordschool and Thank You so much for participating in this project - we are so excited to see this come to fruition!

What is myWorldSchool? is the First Fully Interactive Crowd-Sourced Directory and Community Portal built and maintained by and for Homeschoolers, Unschoolers and Independent Learners (Us!) as a part of what has to be the Biggest Homeschool Project Ever.  Created by my husband, our 14 year old son and I (with my 6 year old daughter as avid support and cheerleaders) this is essentially an online "widget" that enables the "Homeschool Community " to share like crazy in a safe environment!

lionsThe truth is that most of us homeschoolers don't sit at home! We go out into the world and share our knowledge and resources (hence myWorldSchool). We use the power of "community" to compare our experiences and grow together. We built this site to help us all do just that.

If you are one of the first people to visit the site you will notice that there might be little content - this is because the content comes FROM YOU and it is all changeable, map-able, printable, send-able, rate-able, shareable and amazingly useful.

This table will give you the eagles eye of what's under the tabs at the top.

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Whether you want to organize a field trip or play date, find a guitar teacher or dance class in your area, list your homeschool family business or services, find books, movie reviews or just chat with friends, we have built a gated community that provides a safe environment where all your personal information is closely guarded and never shared. No more junk mail, pop-ups or bugs from whoever is always trying to sell us stuff or "collect" your personal information!

chapmans-peakSo there it is folks, just waiting for you like a fresh snow on a ski slope... a new jar of peanut butter...fresh cement! MAKE YOUR MARK! Then check back often and see how it's growing!

What are we asking you to do?

First, we need you to  READ HOW IT WORKS - because this is a new kind of site and it works better if you know how to use it (kind of like your cell phone or Wii).

Second, you need to be part of a Community Group in order to add articles and directory listings. This is so that the content on the site is only added by moderated members and remains family friendly. It's one of a set of safety nets.

Finally, it would really be great if you help spread the word to tutors and teachers of all kinds (who you trust and appreciate) so that they can sign up to be in our search-able listings. It costs them less than a cup of coffee a month (and helps pay for the electric, programming and "late night, gluten free, extra garlic, vegetarian pizza" thanks!) and puts them on our search-able maps so we can all find tutors or music teaches in our area.

New Stuff to Look out for:

In the coming weeks you will find other opportunities to list your homeschooling family business at the same small fee so we can support your dreams and goals.

We also will be adding an Affiliate Program for those entrepreneurs who want to make a few bucks in their homeschool travels. This pays any member 20% every time they sign up a "for profit facility" to our search-able facilities listings - like karate or dance and music facilities etc... more about this later!

One of the goals that cropped up as we were building this thing was to make as many flexible on line jobs for homeschooling families  as we can (that was my idea..., my job for the last year has been to make enough money doing everything from construction to mural painting, to car restoration, to gardening... to support the boys make this thing happen). A flexible online job from home is my fantasy! Needless to say, keep your eyes out for that as well...

Again thank you... watching this grow with my family will be as fun as watching them grow!

Lastly, I want to say how proud I am of Shaun and Nicholas for all that they have created here, and Lili and Nonie for all their patience, it is a gift to us all.


Maura Lynn

Nicholas and Lili's Mom!


Video of the Month

lion park sa

If you can...

Please consider taking a few minutes to help pay for all the programming and server costs. Every little bit helps, especially the $5 - $10 donations!