How does all of this work?

First we Register, then we join a Group and then we add information to the Directories.

The information we add to the directories can be either local (like great hikes, museums, tutors or sports facilities in your area) or global (like book reviews, curricula, home remedies. etc) Just put your mouse over the tabs at the top to see the possibilities, and we can easily add more...

So the site is broken down into four main parts, namely:


  • The Groups Section under OUR COMMUNITY.

This is where we create or join private Community Groups. We do this to arrange play dates, field trips, sports, picnics and share tips, concerns and experiences. These Community Groups are all private and you have to be an accepted member of a group to see the content, pictures and events of the group. (It's a lot like Yahoo, FaceBook and Google type groups, except no big corporation is grabbing our information.) 


This is where we all add the information that we would like to share with the Homeschooling World. Anything from a great book for 7 year-olds to a great place for a hike or field trip. Search for Math Tutors, Fencing Classes or great Museums in your area.

The are no limits as to what we can all do here. If you don't find a category you want here, just suggest it in the Ideas Pool and we will add it. Remember you have to be a member of a Community Group to be able to add content to the site.

  • The Blogging Section under BLOGS.

This our Homeschooling News Papers or "Blogs" as they are called here. Well known people in the Homeschooling blogging world are invited to share with us here.

  • The CO-OPS section which is still in test mode at the moment.

For more information see Membership and Membership FAQ's.

There are also Forums throughout the site. If you have any suggestions about them or would like to add a forum please share your thoughts in the Ideas Pool.

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