No, we are not a Corporation, we are a Global Village.

Ever since we launched this site I get the same comment, “Oh, you're just homeschoolers! We thought you were a big corporation. You're site looks too professional for homeschoolers!”

Well, thanks for the complijments, and if you know someone who needs a high end site, please send them our way. I have spent years doing this (I went to design school before personal computers and the web even existed) so when my wife and I saw that something of this nature was sorely needed, we decided to bite the financial bullet and create it, free of charge for the homeschooling community.

 We have put everything we have into this site over the last three years and I have done my absolute best to make it attractive and user friendly. This is no small feat when you have no less that 42 directories with hundreds of entries (soon to be thousands with your help) and over two hundred "menu items" (these are all the nav buttons, some of them are only available to certain levels of access).

Yet the site is straightforward and fun to use. Try adding your favorite museum, a fun walk or math curriculum (you have to be logged in and have the right access level of course).

This system is designed to handle the “mother load” of homeschooling info, all of it here in one easily searchable place. This is not even technically called a “web site”. It is what we call in the industry a CMS or “Content Management System”, and that’s where the magic comes in.

This allows all of us to “crowd source” our information; you find a good tip, lesson, curriculum, museum, industrial tour, farm that shows how it works or almost anything you can think of, and you add it here to the correct directory, so others can find it and use it. And if you can’t find the right directory, we will add one for you, there is no limit.

And that’s only half of it. We also have the Local Community Groups. This the ideal place where “homeschool support groups” can create a private place to communicate online. They can create events that members sign up for online and get updated through email about it. Or share photo albums and videos. And once you have been accepted into a Local Community Group you will be able add content to the rest of the site too - this is our form of self-moderation.

“But that’s not all folks”; we also have a complete blogging section, index-able and search-able. Want to start a blog or have a free place to post? As long as it’s about homeschooling, this is the place. And yes, it’s free. It’s all free. We do not charge for registration or membership in the groups or getting any information off the site. There are only small fees for people who want to list their home business or dance school, or math tutoring classes. In other words, only people who make money from being listed actually pay for this great resource.

We have created our own "Yahoo/Google/FaceBook", just for homeschoolers, all private without some corporation taking and storing our personal information. ("eBay type" section to come later when we can afford it, so we can sell used books and stuff to one another.)

So in these directories you will find anything from karate classes near you (search-able on a map) to math tutors or music teachers in your area, to museums and art galleries, to fencing lessons or online schools and "print-ables" for our own lessons. We are still adding to these directories and will always do so, as things come up. Please slide you mouse over the tabs at the top to get an idea of what we can all do here, by pulling together as a Global Village.

Many thanks for your support,





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