Homeschool Scholarships
Description: We are homeschoolers who homeschooled from first grade through high school graduation. It was a smooth ride until senior year. Applying to, and being accepted at college was a breeze. Applying for scholarships was not. It was like trying to find our way through a maze, and coming out on the wrong side. While college admissions procedures have become homeschool-friendly, most private scholarships have not. After evaluating college scholarships offered through public high schools, we realized that even the smallest business could put together a scholarship, as some were only $200. We decided to offer a scholarship through our small business for homeschoolers who were left out. We realized other businesses might be willing to do the same thing, if they knew of the need. After all, there are now many homeschool graduates who own their own own businesses. What a great way to give back!

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