Putting the "World" into Homeschool!

DSCN1392No matter where we are or where we’re going, our goal is to share information and resources to bring a world of learning to our child's minds.

The truth is that most of us homeschoolers don't sit at home! We go out into the world and share our knowledge and resources. We use the power of "community" to compare our experiences and grow together.

myWorldSchool is a community website - a powerful private tool for the homeschooling, unschooling and the independent learning community.

We have built this site expressly so we can all contribute and share our knowledge within a family friendly community.

Whether you want to organize a field trip or play date, find a guitar teacher or dance class in your area, organize sporting events, find books, movie reviews or just chat with friends, our gated community provides a thoroughly moderated environment for sharing information. No more junk mail, pop-ups or bugs from whoever is always trying to sell us stuff or "collect" your personal information! (see "Adding Groups" for more info!)

Please understand that this site is, in ways, quite like a growing/ living thing. It must be nurtured and cultivated so it can become anything or do anything that we choose. Please use the Idea Poolto contribute ideas and feature requests. Remember, we are only limited by our own imagination (although time and money do help, of course!).


This site is designed by the community, is about the community and is strictly for the community. We ask your patience and patronage as we build it together.


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