Putting the "World" into Homeschool!

DSCN1392No matter where we are or where we’re going, our goal is to share information and resources to bring a world of learning to our child's minds.

The truth is that most of us homeschoolers don't sit at home! We go out into the world and share our knowledge and resources. We use the power of "community" to compare our experiences and grow together.

myWorldSchool is a community website - a powerful private tool for the homeschooling, unschooling and the independent learning community.

We have built this site expressly so we can all contribute and share our knowledge within a family friendly community.


No, we are not a Corporation, we are a Global Village.

Ever since we launched this site I get the same comment, “Oh, you're just homeschoolers! We thought you were a big corporation. You're site looks too professional for homeschoolers!”

Well, thanks for the complijments, and if you know someone who needs a high end site, please send them our way. I have spent years doing this (I went to design school before personal computers and the web even existed) so when my wife and I saw that something of this nature was sorely needed, we decided to bite the financial bullet and create it, free of charge for the homeschooling community.


Thanks for reading the letter!

Welcome to myWordschool and Thank You so much for participating in this project - we are so excited to see this come to fruition!

What is myWorldSchool?


How does all of this work?

First we Register, then we join a Group and then we add information to the Directories.

The information we add to the directories can be either local (like great hikes, museums, tutors or sports facilities in your area) or global (like book reviews, curricula, home remedies. etc) Just put your mouse over the tabs at the top to see the possibilities, and we can easily add more...

So the site is broken down into four main parts, namely:


How do I Join?

This is a private Community about Homeschoolers, for Homeschoolers, created and maintained by Homeschoolers.

Sharing information with each other:

To be able to share information on this site you will have to be logged in as an approved and moderated member of the Community. This is imperative so that all information entered here is safe for our families. There is absolutely no fee for joining and being part of myWorldSchool Community.


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If you can...

Please consider taking a few minutes to help pay for all the programming and server costs. Every little bit helps, especially the $5 - $10 donations!